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Stampwell Farm is a huge vision, unlike anything seen for years. To restore something so derelict and build something as beautiful has already inspired many, and master craftsmen, suppliers, professionals, and willing volunteers have responded by bringing their skills to the project, with great effect.

It’s not enough, however. We need more volunteers, more sponsors, and more craftsman willing to come and serve this vision, and see it fulfilled. If you’re up for it, here’s how you can get involved:

Volunteer to Rebuild the Site

Each week we’ll be on site restoring Stampwell Farm ready for use by Latimer Minster. From day 1 we need to hang gates, chop down trees, install water pipes, rebuild walls, and re-roof buildings. The task seems endless, but willing volunteers will make it easier. Whether you’re a novice barely capable of lifting a hammer, a master sculptor, or a stay-at-home parent willing to manage a small team, we need your help.

Over the next few months we’re working weekends to get the Minster started. If you think you might be available to help please subscribe to the our emails here. It’s our main way of asking for help.

If you’re not able to spare a weekend to come and get involved yourself, there are some further ways you can support us too.

Talk About Us

Publicity is good and helps us negotiate with suppliers better rates by showing to them the public interest in our project. So tell your friends. If you’re on twitter, tweet about us. If you’re a blogger, blog about us. If you’re on facebook, like and share our updates. If you’re on Pinterest, share the photos of the restoration. If you’re a journalist or budding film maker, come and interview us. It all helps.


Buy us a fence panel

Building great visions costs lots of money, and as a charity Latimer Minster doesn’t have much. We’re already leveraging all the resources we have any donation to the Minster goes as far as possible: we’ve over 200 volunteers on on books willing to help out at weekends; we’ve a number of master craftsman donating their time to the restoration; we’re donating pro bono project management time and resources; we’ve a plant-hire company donating free plant and tools; we’ve an insulation company donating all our insulation; we’ve a national forestry charity donating a huge number of trees; we’ve an awarding-winning landscaping company working for nothing; we’ve a builders’ merchant offering us special discounts; and much more.

But Latimer Minster still need more money for materials, and to pay for specialist tradesmen when we can’t find them for free. By clicking here you’ll see a list of materials and services we need to pay for. If you can afford to buy a fence panel, or a pipe, or a spanner, we’d really appreciate it.


You can found out more information about Stampwell here, or Sign up for more Information there.

To discuss your project and for a no-strings estimate please get in touch.

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