New Partnership With Lost Boys

A key part of our company is our partnership with the Lost Boys Network and Jobcentre Plus to bring new skills, confidence, and work experience to the young people of neighbourhoods and communities surrounding each project.

We will commit to ensuring every one of our building projects provide opportunities for individuals with low skills, experience, or self-esteem to shadow a skilled tradesman whilst being closely coached, set targets, given regular feedback and offered a CV-boosting reference upon completion.

What’s the end result? Young people with new skills and enhanced job prospects; community ownership of new buildings; deeper relationships between the young people and community youth teams; project buy-in from the congregation; better understanding of the one’s community; and opened doors for invitations to future events.

For more information of how this works in practice, we’ll keep track of example  projects here

To discuss your project and for a no-strings estimate please get in touch.

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