Channel 4 Documentary

We are proud to announce the recent completion of the timber frame work for the Channel Four production “Rome wasn’t built in a day” on the site of the fourth largest Roman city in Britain.

The high status Roman town house is a considerable size and with a footprint of 155m2 the timber frame required over 30 tons of green oak in its construction.

Commenting on this commission Dylan said “This was a unique and prestigious project which allowed our team of master craftsmen to really demonstrate our skills. We are proud to be associated with this project and the fact that we were chosen as the timber frame contractor reinforces our reputation for excellence.”

Dylan providing an expert’s view for Channel 4

The site at Wroxeter was chosen after close consultation with English Heritage and the design for ‘Villa Urbana’ was inspired by an actual building excavated at this important Roman site. Only tools and building methods available to the Romans will be used during construction and it will shed new light on how these incredible feats of ancient engineering were achieved.

The ‘Villa Urbana’ will mark the 1600th anniversary of the Romans leaving Britain in 410AD and it will greatly enhance the tourist experience at the English Heritage site of Wroxeter. In particular, it will help bring history alive for the many school parties that visit the site each year.

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